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  • Debian is now welcoming applicants for Outreachy and GSoC Summer 2015

    Hi all, I am delighted to announce that Debian will be participating in the next round of Outreachy and GSoC, and that we are currently welcoming applications! Outreachy¬†helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. The current round of internships is open to women (cis and trans), trans men, genderqueer […]

  • We need your help to make GSoC and Outreachy in Debian a success this summer!

    Hi everyone, A quick announcement: Debian has applied to the Google Summer of Code, and will also participate in Outreachy (formerly known as the Outreach Program for Women) for the Summer 2015 round! Those two mentoring programs are a great way for our project to bootstrap new ideas, give an new impulse to some old […]

  • Debian proposals in GSoC 2014

    The GSoC student application period is over, and the last two days were pretty interesting. For a few years now, Olly Betts has provided us with a spreadsheet to graph the number of applicants to an organization over time. Here’s the graph for Debian this year: (Historical graphs: 2013, 2012. Spreadsheet available from Olly’s blog) […]

  • Bootstrapping fedmsg for Debian

    As you might (or might not) know, this summer, I have taken on mentoring of a GSoC project by Simon Chopin (a.k.a. laarmen) which goal is to bring fedmsg, the Fedora Infrastructure message bus, to Debian. Most of the work I’ll be talking about here is Simon’s work, please send all the praise towards him […]

  • Hello world

    Or rather, hello Planet! Here’s a somewhat traditional introductory post. I’m Nicolas Dandrimont, I’m French, I’m sysadmin in a grande √©cole, where I’m mostly in charge of the GNU/Linux workstations and servers. In Debian, I’m a DM, currently in the NM queue, so I might become a DD soon-ish. I am (rather inactively) co-maintaining a […]