We need your help to make GSoC and Outreachy in Debian a success this summer!

Hi everyone,

A quick announcement: Debian has applied to the Google Summer of Code, and will also participate in Outreachy (formerly known as the Outreach Program for Women) for the Summer 2015 round! Those two mentoring programs are a great way for our project to bootstrap new ideas, give an new impulse to some old ones, and of course to welcome an outstanding team of motivated, curious, lively new people among us.

We need projects and mentors to sign up really soon (before February 27th, that’s next week), as our project list is what Google uses to evaluate our application to GSoC. Projects proposals should be described on our wiki page. We have three sections:

  1. Coding projects with confirmed mentors are proposed to both GSoC and Outreachy applicants
  2. Non-Coding projects with confirmed mentors are proposed only to Outreachy applicants
  3. Project ideas without confirmed mentors will only happen if a mentor appears. They are kept on the wiki page until the application period starts, as we don’t want to give applicants false hopes of being picked for a project that won’t happen.

Once you’re done, or if you have any questions, drop us a line on our mailing-list (soc-coordination@lists.alioth.debian.org), or on #debian-soc on OFTC.

We also would LOVE to be able to welcome more Outreachy interns. So far, and thanks to our DPL, Debian has committed to fund one internship (US$6500). If we want more Outreachy interns, we need your help :).

If you, or your company, have some money to put towards an internship, please drop us a line at opw@debian.org and we’ll be in touch. Some of the successes of our Outreachy alumni include the localization of the Debian Installer to a new locale, improvements in the sources.debian.net service, documentation of the debbugs codebase, and a better integration of AppArmor profiles in Debian.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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