Hello world

Or rather, hello Planet!

Here’s a somewhat traditional introductory post.

I’m Nicolas Dandrimont, I’m French, I’m sysadmin in a grande école, where I’m mostly in charge of the GNU/Linux workstations and servers.

In Debian, I’m a DM, currently in the NM queue, so I might become a DD soon-ish. I am (rather inactively) co-maintaining a few packages. In my Debian “career”, I have been involved in OCaml packaging and Python packaging, although lately most of my time has been spent on Google Summer of Code (mentor for two mentors.debian.net projects in 2012, org admin for Debian in 2013), and on mentors.debian.net.

In other free-software related projects, I own a RepRap 3D printer, and I grew some interest in the related software, e.g. Slic3r and printrun. There have been a lot of action in Fedora about packaging 3D-printing-related software, and it’d be great to get a team together to work on that in Debian during the jessie release cycle. Consider this a call for interested parties 🙂

Unrelatedly, paultag has tricked me into working on hy, which is way too much fun. Blame him if you feel that I have been inactive lately, this has been eating way too much of my free time 😉

Hopefully I’ll be able to make regular updates on the work I do in Debian and free software, so stay tuned!

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