Debian proposals in GSoC 2014

The GSoC student application period is over, and the last two days were pretty interesting.

For a few years now, Olly Betts has provided us with a spreadsheet to graph the number of applicants to an organization over time.

Here’s the graph for Debian this year:

Debian GSoC proposals, 2014 edition

(Historical graphs: 2013, 2012. Spreadsheet available from Olly’s blog)

On Wednesday, I was thinking “hmm, 30 applicants, this is a slow year…”. Well, the number of proposals more than doubled in the last two days, to conclude on a whooping 68 applications! The last one was submitted just three seconds before the deadline…

If you want to take a look at the proposals, head over to the Debian wiki.

Time to get on reviewing! The final student acceptances will be published in just less than a month, on April 21st.

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