Hello from DebCamp

DebConf flag (minus the wind)

Small update as someone was complaining about the lack of pictures from DebCamp on planet.

Not to worry, everything is going fine, and some of the most important stuff is ready…


You can see a few pictures from the gallery. The view from the venue is quite outstanding (it was better when there was some sun on Tuesday, but my camera battery was out…).

On my TODO-list:

  • A lot of mentors.d.n related stuff : prototyping things to make our codebase more bearable by actually using other people’s work, e.g. debianqueued, firehose, …, and building upon Lucas’s idea from his new contributor survey (see the quite vague idea at the bottom)
  • FedMsg stuff (will probably pick up when Simon arrives)
  • Some 3D-printing packaging stuff (actually getting software in NEW, I got started on Printrun, and maybe Slic3r)

See you there!


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